Project Real Skin

Our society increasingly focuses on appearance. The digital media culture changes our perception of what is 'normal'. Project Real Skin is an initiative to show what actual skin looks like thereby boosting the self-image. Everyone is unique and has the right to shine!

The media culture and certainly social media such as Instagram play a major role in defining beauty ideals and trends. Because digital images can be easily manipulated, unrealistic beauty ideals are easily created. Apps such as Facetune and Snapchat use filters to adjust appearance, for example by eliminating wrinkles and flaws from the skin. This manipulates our image of "normal” skin, and makes us believe that smooth skin is the norm.


It is rooted in our human biology to "want to belong". We want a normal appearance. We certainly don't have to be perfect. But if our image of "normal" is disturbed, this leads to growing dissatisfaction with our personal appearance. And unfortunately also to less happiness in life.

It is my mission to make people happier, and sometimes this can be done through a cosmetic treatment. It can also be done by giving people a better picture of what is normal, thus removing concerns about their appearance. For this I started Project Real Skin, in which I want to create a library of photos of real skin. This library is accessible to everyone on the project website.

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