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I am a cosmetic doctor and designer. My work deals with societal issues around the human body and the


After my medical training, I worked in psychiatry for a number of years. I was always fascinated by the relationship of the psyche with the body. I was particularly interested in the way people experience and feel their own body. There is nothing as personal as your body image and your self-image. I see that reflected in my work as a cosmetic doctor. I help people to bring their appearance a little closer to the way they see themselves.


Unfortunately a lot has changed in the last 10 years that I have been doing this work. Because of social media and the abundance of filtered and perfect images, I see more and more people who are uncertain about their appearance. More and more young people are asking to change their appearance because it would not meet the "ideal image of the stylized jaw line, full cheekbones and lips."


Young, fresh and 'without wrinkles' seems to be the new norm, which makes (especially) women wonder if they should have something done about their wrinkles while they were basically satisfied with themselves.


In addition to my profession as a doctor, I have always responded to my creative side, with a preference for design. In 2017 I decided to go back to the art academy in The Hague, where I had previously done a bachelor's degree in visual arts. I was convinced that it should be possible to better integrate my two professions and passions.


I followed a master in Design and started to use design to translate the subjects in my work as a cosmetic doctor into projects. These projects reflect trends in our western society in terms of appearance, makebility and the human condition.

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